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AJC Plumbing 

AJC Plumbing cc has been providing first class services at reasonable rates since 2006. We have 13 qualified and dedicated teams which service all areas of Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni . Our response time, quality service and diversity has enabled us to be proudly preferred plumbers. 

We pride ourselves in being one of the most informed plumbing companies within the industry and by not being subject to one field only, we are both versatile and forward thinking. 

We are constantly evolving by continual staff training and bettering all benchmarks by addressing the customers and merchants with the sole purpose of guaranteed solutions. 


Our scope 


Our scope of works begins with the design and costing of projects to installation of infrastructure to handing over of complete, quality plumbing. Our maintenance teams are fully equipped using the latest technology to handle any emergency at any time. Repairs range from tap washers to civil works.

Mission Statement 

  • To be service driven and proud.

  • To maintain the highest levels of quality in both material and workmanship while striving tirelessly to satisfy the constant demand of an ever changing, ever growing client base.

  • To allow every employee the opportunity to empower themselves and grow through education, safety and respect.

  • To identify, harness and hone the skills of our staff and to drive them to be self-disciplined by requiring utmost loyalty and determination to excel.

  • To promote a conscious awareness of civil duty both towards society and nature. 

  • Endeavor to fulfill the collective dream of a better world for future generations.

AJC Plumbing Team
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